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FROG media design is building websites since 2005. From today on  we are specialized in creating high quality websites by using the WordPress open source content management system.

Why we are using WordPress?

Because for most projects and most clients, WordPress is the right answer. The system has the flexibility to meet a wide range of requirements and, more importantly, once we hand the site off to you, you are able to manage and maintain your site with ease.

WordPress website of Restaurant Fishalicious

Content Management System – CMS

With other Content Management Systems we saw that clients often struggle to manage their websites. While systems like Joomla! and rupal are excellent and quite powerful, they are much more challenging for clients to own. WordPress, in contrast, is very user-friendly and can save you many man hours without sacrificing the flexibility you need to grow your website with your business. If you’ve never used WordPress, you are in for a pleasant surprise; the system is intuitive and accommodating to users.

WordPress website of Coco Dive Lodges Curacao


WordPress can be deployed for basic blog sites, company marketing sites, complex portal-type sites and ecommerce and catalog management systems. While more advanced uses, like document management systems, are not practical with WordPress, the vast majority of web content management uses are handily met through use of the WordPress CMS.


In addition to web design and development services, we also provide related services, including domainnames and Web Hosting and E-mail support.

Quotation Request?

To view some of our most recent WordPress work, visit our Website Portfolio. If you’d like us to look at your project or if you are interested in an quotation, please feel free to contact us for more information.

10 reasons to use WordPress Website

  1. WordPress is constantly changing and evolving as the web evolves.
  2. WordPress is an open source platform.
  3. WordPress developers gives people what they want.
  4. WordPress is easy to use for those who are technologically challenged and who don't have coding experience.
  5. WordPress integrates really well with social networking.  (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google Plus and many others)
  6. WordPress offers many different options such as forums, contact forms, portfolio styles, shopping carts, affiliate programs, landing pages, video integration, blogging facility, polls, reviews, etc etc.
  7. WordPress offers good SEO (search engine optimisation).
  8. WordPress has gone through great lengths to make sure it is compliant with standard web compliance.
  9. WordPress is mobile friendly which is vital going forward.
  10. WordPress integrates well with Google; Google Maps, Google Analytics,  and other Google Tools


There are currently 55 million people who are using WordPress.


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